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Washing Insturctions

So, you want to get yourself some tie dyed clothing. But, how do you wash the thing without turning your other clothes funky colors? First of all, relax. Uh, sorry, youíre not quite relaxed enough. Okay, good, there you go. Now first of all, repeat after me: This is not my parentsí tie dye. Or if you are a child of the sixties, say: Like, this is not like the ones my girlfriend and I used to make when we wore flowers in our hair and drove around in our microbus, man. But, I digress.... Okay, my point is, this tie dye is made by professionals. We know how to do it right. So, you just wash in cold water with your darks, separately the first time if you are the extra-cautious type, and dry in the dryer. You may, of course, hang dry. Hang drying is recomended for rayon. But itís been through our dryer first, so it wonít shrink any more. Promise. Wash before wearing, especially if it will be getting wet while itís worn. Thats All , Folks! ENJOY!!!!!

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